7 Ways to Engage with your audience on Facebook beyond Paid Ads!

Facebook has become the most popular social media platform for brands. The platform is full of consumers who want to get more than just likes, shares, and comments.

To reach these audiences, marketers need to use different tactics to engage with them on and off Facebook. This strategy will help you increase your conversion rate while maintaining an ongoing relationship with your customers.

1. Communicate with your customers regularly.

Make sure you are constantly communicating with your Facebook followers by posting engaging content and responding to comments. This will show that you value their feedback and stay connected to them as a brand. It also helps keep them interested in your products and services, which can result in increased conversions later on down the funnel.

2. Offer timely updates and incentives.

If you offer timely updates and real-time promotions on Facebook, your fans will be interested in seeing you promote your new products.

They want to see the updated specials and rewards that come as a result of their loyalty toward you. This can lead them to make phone calls or online purchases later down the funnel when they are ready for something else from your brand.

3. Provide value throughout other mediums besides just mailings (e-mail).

Make sure that you are cultivating relationships with your customers by using content marketing, fan pages, and other mediums. Use these methods to slowly seep into their email inboxes or social networks – especially if they do not follow you on Facebook.

4. Promote a good cause that affects everyone at the same time (curiosity).

If one of your goals is to increase brand loyalty across all demographics in one place at once so that people can relate to all of you, use a Facebook event or share the hashtag for something like World Water Day with your followers and make sure to encourage them to join in on any related activities that occur during the campaign.

This will improve brand loyalty since people who participate get more positive reinforcement than those who simply witness it happen by sharing their experience through social media but do not actually take part themselves.

5. Promote a good cause while representing your organization.

If your goal is to work toward increasing brand loyalty, this will be easy and effective if you are already marketing the achievements or initiatives of your company on other platforms (e-mail newsletters, online communities).

You can promote the same help for free by simply adding value with what would otherwise be a form letter response as an update on Facebook: “We’re collecting funds this week to donate 20% back to community partners that need the most funding.

The more funds we raise, the bigger our impact. If you’re interested in joining us, RSVP on [Facebook event]” This gives your audience an opportunity to continue relating not only behind closed doors but also through social media and then be aware of similarly trending issues (positive reinforcement).

6. Share the things valuable for your audience.

Do something as simple as promoting changes that are important/relevant to everyone like sharing links about advisories or notifications about certain topics.

Searching for particular keywords won’t bring awareness about certain conditions that may be relevant to your target audience so this is a great way of making sure someone finds you when there are specific events happening rapidly in his community.

7. Host an event related to your product or service

Possibly a free seminar, except occasionally, instead of putting up crazy colorful ads & images on Pinterest, don’t post selfies from events like this on Facebook. Use real photos & sound recordings or videos instead. Pour your customers involved in the event/exchange for their opinion about it as well with such content on Facebook!

Consider Facebook more than just a money-making machine with respect to Paid Ads! There is a lot to engage with your audience and create meaningful relations with them.

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