FB Ads Strategies for E-Commerce In 2022

“Facebook ads are awesome” are you cracking a joke Nachiketa? Asked by my clients when we started facing ios 14 impacts on our agency-handled ad accounts.

I told Facebook is going back to its early days when it was not so smart with detailed targeting or having multiple data touchpoints. But wait, advertisers were still advertising at that time and they were attracting money to their bank accounts.

It’s just a shift in fundamentals! We again need to rethink our strategies, test more and make Facebook work for us on our own terms.

I know it’s not that easy. We use to boast about our data-centric advertising campaigns and now we are all assuming data. We don’t have data on where our ads are performing well, what are the demographics or what is the best time at which we are getting most transactions.  

But I have found a few strategies for businesses that are in the eCommerce eco system.

1. Simplify Account Structure

We often see multiple ad campaigns running in an ad account competing against each other which results in limited learning and higher CPM.

At most an account should have 5 campaigns for a product/service which includes






It’s very important for any business to make multiple touchpoints with its targeting audience as per the funnel they are following. We can’t expect transactions at the very first click

2. Read Data Outside Ad Account

We too have multiple data points it’s just we don’t put effort to analyze the same. At ZIOZI we try to read data from other sources as Google Analytics, Shopify, and Shipping Aggregator’s dashboards.

We get to know about demographics such as gender, locations, and the best time of conversions which helps us in making informed decisions.

3. Regular Testing

People on social media are for entertainment and not about shopping. We need to make sure we are continuously testing more and more audiences and ad creatives as frequency goes up we start losing the money with higher CPM.

4. Keep Your Budgets Handy

Bringing ads out of the learning phase can be a tedious task if we have very limited budgets in our hands. We quickly need to achieve 50 conversions for the ad so that it can leave the learning phase and Facebook can start optimizing the ads and show it to the right people.  

5. Thumb Stopping Ad Creatives

Facebook is a platform that can display our message to our target audience but can’t make them click. It’s our responsibility to make thumb-stopping creatives to make sure we get all the attention we deserve. This can further help in increasing the CTR and contribute to higher conversion rates.

6. Broad Audience Targeting

After the ios 14 update Facebook is starving for quality data points which have led to breaking the backbone of Facebook’s algorithm. We should focus on a broader audience and map their journey according to our Funnel.

These 6 tips can significantly change the way you were running the Facebook ads and drive more sales in 2022 while keeping ROAS positive and turning the business into a profitable one.

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